Stravinsky Revisited

Today on Composers Datebook, host John Zech talked about Stravinsky’s “Symphony in C Major,” which many people think of as a happy key. Ironically, Stravinsky himself experienced great personal losses as he was writing it. His wife died, then one of his daughters, and his mother–all within a very short time. According to the program, the composer saw no need to inject his personal sadness into the work, but it still must have been awfully hard to create in the middle of grieving. One day I shall try out his “Firebird Suite.”

I searched the Internet for “Symphony in C” and by accident found a nonprofit organization of the same name in New Jersey, on the campus of Rutgers-Camden. A pity I can’t travel there, but their Web site has a cool feature where visitors can learn about composers and listen to a portion of their works.

Alas, the Edward R Hamilton book catalogue that contained Alfred Steinhardt’s “Violin Dreams” was thrown away, so I will have to search at another time. At least I can read the one about when he formed a string quartet.

Proofreading, writing and music don’t mix well, unfortunately, so it must be silent today.


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