Mahler Might Not Be So Bad

November is Gustav Mahler month on many radio stations. I don’t recall listening to any of his works or thinking he was that interesting. I am intrigued that flowers, trees and other things in nature inspired his music. He tended to include cowbells a lot. A city dweller for most of the year, he spent summers in the country, where he found peace and quiet. So I will listen much more closely from now on, and see if I can discover some of his recordings.

I received a trial copy of Listen Magazine this week, and am very tempted to subscribe–it’s not expensive. But I still must be judicious.

A very gray fall day today, with rain. Was in tears and kind of moody for a small part, but tried to be patient…something I don’t feel I’m good at.

A funny thing happened when I put music on the stereo today…we had been puzzled why one of my favorite Vivaldi CDs was all of a sudden making a rattling noise. Turns out I had placed it on top of another one. Duh! Problem quickly solved.




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