Loudoun Lyric Opera’s Halloween Offering

One of my former bosses loved opera a lot and was lucky enough to have season tickets to The Met. She traveled to New York by train often for weekend matinee performances. “La Boheme” had been a favorite. From her, I learned about the basic stories, the composers, the music, and famous tenors and divas. As great as “The Phantom of the Opera” musical is and how I still love it, it is not the same thing as grand opera. I liked “Carmen” from a middle-school music appreciation class, but that’s about as far as it went. By the time I got to college-level music appreciation, I couldn’t tell an aria from an ensemble performance, and they all sounded alike in listening tests.

I learned a lot from my former boss. In recent years I decided opera wasn’t my favorite, because everyone dies in the end. My interest was revived when I learned about the Loudoun Lyric Opera Company. From October 29 to the 31st, the group will present Gilbert & Sullivan’s “Ruddigore — or the Witch’s Curse.” Sounds like a swashbuckling adventure, to quote from the advertising material. Gilbert & Sullivan’s works are actually operettas. From what I remember, there are many plot twists throughout. Enjoy the Loudoun Lyric Opera FAQs by Dave Butler!


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