Today is Thanksgiving. I hope that everyone is having a wonderful one, and that you are spending it with family, as I am. Everything is not the best it can be, but there are still so many gifts in every day.

Tomorrow I will start playing my Christmas music. I can’t wait! I missed the voting again for the Classical WETA 90.9 Thanksgiving weekend countdown. I hope they post the list soon, so I can try to listen somehow to what I don’t have in my collection.

I can’t think of a song celebrating Thanksgiving, other than “Over the River and through the Woods.” But I listened yesterday to an Orchestra of Southern Utah podcast from December 29, 2009. Carol Worthey was the guest interview. Although I had not heard about her before, she has done so much. She is an artist, singer, and composer for film and other special projects. Leonard Bernstein was a family friend. She is very much a believer in celebrating diversity and bringing people together to learn from each other and to make contributions to the world. She has traveled the world, and recognizes the unique abilities in everyone she meets. And her music sounds very pretty.

Opera Cats

I haven’t started learning about opera yet, but I found this great fun. Thanks to Denver Dan of the McEdit listserv for pointing it my way.