Music Is Everywhere!

A gray day today–but we went to the farmer’s market anyway. There’s always a lot of people, and a lot of neat things to buy for salads, recipes and stuff. and it’s always nice to talk with people when you get the chance. And people are always out walking their dogs.

And there’s always music. This morning a guy was playing bluegrass and the blues, and as we wandered through, I could hear Jean-Joseph Mouret’s “Rondeau.” It’s otherwise known as the theme from Masterpiece Theatre. When I looked across the street, I saw that a man was playing it on violin, and a woman played it on the cello. They performed other duets, but I didn’t recognize the compositions. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to cross over and tell them how much I liked their playing.

Here is a version of “Rondeau” that I liked. Usually, I associate it with trumpets, but a YouTube search shows that people enjoy playing it on the piano, organ, harp and many other instruments. Here is one I liked:


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