Something for National Coffee Day

In passing, I found out that today is National Coffee Day, so I wanted to commemorate it quickly. I drink it every day, and have drunk far too much of it lately. Water’s the best.

Anyway, it made me think of Bach’s Coffee Cantata, which I haven’t listened to in years. I looked up a translation, and discovered there are many–some more serious than others.

Here are performances in English and German:   

History Repeating

This blog started out dedicated to classical music. I still want to keep it to that, but so much music I enjoy comes from all over the place. So, I guess whatever catches my ear is OK.

I did stay within genre on Tuesday, when I listened to the NSO’s opening ball concert on WETA. Joshua Bell was a featured guest,  and I also enjoyed Ravel’s Bolero.

I don’t really know why I enjoy this jazz song from the Propellerheads and Shirley Bassey. It was originally released in 1997, and has taken on new life in a Talbots commercial. Something about the rhythm and the song styling, along with an air of mystery. It feels very hypnotic. I hope some of you enjoy it, too.