I first heard this song on NPR’s “Tiny Desk Concerts” a while back, and I shared it with others. They agreed with me that it was very pretty. Scala is a Belgian all-female rock chorus. Something about “Seashell” (from 2008) just caught my ear. I had never heard it before. They have since performed and recorded other music. A memory:

We visited Virginia Beach when I was eight. Even though it was hard to get me there, my aunt took me to the water’s edge, to feel the tide coming in and out, and the beach blanket getting muddy. Later that same day, a wave knocked me over (I can still taste the salt.) and a surfer accidentally hit me in the leg with the surfboard as he rode the wave in. I wasn’t hurt. The guy apologized, but I was rather glad it happened. I had never seen a surfboard up close. It seemed huge. I collected shells at the time, and, to my way of thinking, it seemed only right to send two that I had brought with me and release them back to their home.

Anyway, here are the lyrics and the NPR video on March 2011, and links to stories about the group. Enjoy!


Take my hand and come walk with me
down towards the enchanting sea.
I’ll run laughing across the sand.
You’ll just smile ’cause you understand.

Watch the sun kiss the rising sea,
trembling sparkles of ecstasy.
Waves break, simmer, and then renew,
just as sometimes a heart can do.

I walked the full length of the beach until
I found the most beautiful seashell.

Fragments of all the things you’ve said
smi_le tenderly in my head.
Beaming sun is still trying to
burn the way that I burn for you.

Feel the waves as they fall and rise.
Breathe in deeply and close my eyes.
Let me not ever wake from this
precious moment of perfect bliss.

I walked the full length of the beach until
I found the most beautiful seashell.

Stay here with me
down by the sea.

For the others there on that beach
ou_r heaven was out of reach.
They heard only the dolphins’ cries.
We heard music and angels’ sighs.

We gazed out to the horizon,
sea and sky melting into one.
Whispered line where the blue meets blue.
Just as vague as where I meet you.

In the wake of that golden day
mem(o)ries still take my breath away.
I touched heaven when you touched me
down beside the enchanting sea.

I walked the full length of the beach until
I found the most beautiful seashell, for me.

Sunset glows.
Come with me.
One last race
to the sea.

“The Merry Widow” Production

“The Merry Widow” looks like fun. I have never seen it. Here is more information. Enjoy!