Muppet Madness

Okay. For the first time EVER, I forgot yesterday was St. Patrick’s  Day! I just wore green for the heck of it. Anyway,. a friend sent me this to cheer me up, which it did. I always loved The Muppet Show, but this skit did not stick in my memory. Enjoy this rendition of “Danny Boy”:The Muppets never fail to make people smile. Thanks, Neil!

Gotta love Animal!

In the hope that everything could really be “A-Okay,” here is the “Sesame Street” theme, performed by Jimmy Fallon and the Roots along with the gang when Jimmy Fallon hosted “Late Night”:

Finally, a while back I got interested in The Band and the documentary, “The Last Waltz,” which I finally saw after many years. I listened to their greatest hits, and tis is one song I liked, as performed by Jimmy Fallon and the Mupprts the last night he hosted “Late Night.”

And yes, I saw Kermit on “The Tonight Show.” I do want to see “Muppets: Most Wanted” soon.

And on a classical theme, here’s “Odr to Joy.”

And “Classical Chicken”: