“Happy,” by Pharrell Williams

When I first heard this song on last season’s Dancing With the Stars, I didn’t care  for it; once I looked it up on YouTube, it was a different story. It was fun seeing all the different people in a joyful mood. It reminded me of what feeling happy used to be like for me. The music has been muted for a while; I’m slowly getting it back. At least it raises my spirits a little. Pharrell Williams, who is one of the new judges on The Voice, also wears a cool hat. He’s got a new CD out. But 24HoursofHappy.com, although intriguing, is overkill. Only watch it if you have the time–and REALLY high-speed Internet. Here’s the original video:

He’s done many great things in the music biz. I hope this is not going to be his only hit. Somehow I don’t think so.

I was browsing the Internet for information on the song and I came across this parody. All kidding aside, writing of any type is not easy. I also liked this feature on Williams from CBS Sunday Morning:

The song is on the soundtrack of  Despicable Me 2. It took me a while to like both movies, but they are very cute. Here’s the scene featuring the song:

I also got a kick out of the minions on this lyrics video:

I hope they make other people smile.