I Remember My Mom Dancing…

Yesterday, September 1, was the anniversary of my mom’s birthday. I remember so many things about her. We talked all the time, and she was very curious about people, places, and technology. She was amazed by how things worked.  She taught me a lot, and I can still hear her voice inside my head when I have to make decisions or I’m wondering what to do about something.

She also took a great interest in the type of music I listened to. I owe at least a few recordings to her urging. Like my aunt (her sister) she was a staunch supporter of having eclectic taste in music.

When Fleetwood Mac was in  their heyday, Mom got a kick out of their song, “Say You Love Me.”  She would always dance to it. I would dance right along with her, and sometimes we would both get tickled.

As I progressed through my teen years, sometimes I was embarrassed or self-conscious. Mostly I accepted it as the joyful part of my mom.

I think of her every day. When “Say You Love Me” comes on the radio, I remember her dancing. And I still have Fleetwood Mac’s albums somewhere.


via Fleetwood Mac – Say you love me Live 1977 – YouTube.


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