In Honor of the First Day of Fall….

Yesterday, September 24th, marks the first day of fall.

Whenever I hear the phrase “Autumn Leaves,”  I always think of the Miles Davis version. Here it is:

My own fall memories include collecting leaves and making collages of them in school. And there were school camping trips in the fall. Locally, we have a lot of red maples, and watching the leaves change is very pretty. At least twice i helped my aunt rake leaves–or at least I tried to. Little kids enjoy running through piles of leaves. If there’s a crab-apple tree in your yard, it’s fun watching the seeds fall. We used to call them helicopters because they resembled tiny propellers. And I always think of hot apple cider, although we don’t always buy it.

We went to Vermont and West Virginia on two separate Thanksgivings to visit family. The leaves hadn’t fallen much then,and we got great pictures when taking the scenic routes. Later, on a trip to Montreal, we saw a lot of silver maples on the train ride up. They were gorgeous!

I hope it will be a happy season.


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