Handel’s “The Harmonious Blacksmith” — Variations

I have loved “The Harmonious Blacksmith” ever since I heard it on the radio several years ago. Legend has it that Handel was traveling somewhere, and that his horse needed a new shoe. He found a blacksmith at a local inn, who re-shod the horse, writing the piece as a thank-you. There is no historical truth to this, but it’s a nice thing to imagine, anyway. I also may have garbled the details from various stories I have heard. Here is more information online. The melody is part of a larger work, “Suite in E Major, HWV 430.

Here is “The Harmonious Blacksmith” as played on the piano:

When I was in middle school, I took a music appreciation class, and became quite a harpsichord fan for a while.The only harpsichord album I had at the time must have been by Bach, released on Angel Records. Here is “The Harmonious Blacksmith on harpsichord, followed by the full composition on harpsichord.

Next, here is a trio playing “Blacksmith” on oboe, bassoon, and harpsichord:

I didn’t know until recently that there is a group called The Harmonious Blacksmith. I’d love to see them in concert sometime.

Now to search for other harpsichord works…




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