A Welsh Carol — Parti Fronheulog: Carol Plygain: ‘Ar Gyfer Heddiw’r Bore’

A friend shared this Welsh carol with me. Although I don’t know the language, I still felt it was very pretty. The song is new to me. Many thanks to the person who posted it originally!

I also learned something about YouTube’s “Show More” tab, where the lyrics were posted.



For this day’s morning, as a little babe, as a little babe,
Was born the root of Jesse, as a little babe;
The Strong One from Bosra,
The Lawgiver on Sinai,
The Just One on Calvary, as a little babe, as a little babe,
Suckling on Mary’s breast, as a little babe.
The living water of Ezechiel on Mary’s knee, on Mary’s knee,

And Daniel’s true Messiah, on Mary’s knee;
The wise boy of Isaiah,
The promise made to Adam,
The Alpha and Omega, on Mary’s knee, on Mary’s knee,
In a stable in Bethlehem of Juda, on Mary’s knee.

Christ took off his crown, so he willed, so he willed,
To place a crown on Sion, so he willed;
To bow his kingly head,
To wear a crown of thorns,
To face ferocious mocking, so he willed, so he willed,
To lift up the guilty head, so he willed.

So now, you sinner hasten, as you are, as you are,
To ask for the sanctuary, as you are;
To you a fount now opens,
To wash your wounds of darkness
Like whitened snow in Salmon, as you are, as you are,
Come therefore in good time, as you are.

About the plygain tradition:http://www.nantlle.com/history-llanll…

‘Ar Gyfer Heddiw’r Bore’, a sacred song from 19th century Wales, is quite unlike the Christmas carols we know in English but it has a vivid grandeur all its own. I regret that this translation is not capable of being sung to the original melody and is provided simply to give some idea of what it is all about.

An carúl seo sa Ghaeilge: This carol in Irish: Y carol hwn yn y Wyddeleg:


This version in Irish is my own and as far as I can see it scans and rhymes in such a way as to be singable in Irish using the same tune as the original version sung on this video. Bain triail as! Give it a go! Rhowch gynnig arno!



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