Ella Fitzgerald — Moonlight Serenade

I’ve always liked Ella Fitzgerald. I have two CDs of her “American Songbook” collection, but I haven’t played them in a while. A friend posted the following YouTube video recently–her version of “Moonlight Serenade.” I have only heard instrumental versions of the song before now. Enjoy!

When the Blues has the Blues

This post is from Rich Brown’s blog called “Good Music Speaks.”

I am a fan of Ray Charles and B.B. King. I felt very sad when I heard B.B. had passed away. My aunt and I were lucky to see him at Strathmore several years ago. We also read his memoir together. Enjoy the post, and the related material.

via When the Blues has the Blues.

Two Favorites by Dvorak–Symphony #8 and Symphony #9

Here are two Dvorak favorites. Enjoy!