Felix Mendelssohn, artist

I’m now listening to Mendelssohn’s piano works, I had no idea he painted. This is cool!

Edwardian Piano

Felix Mendelssohn, artist

Felix Mendelssohn wasn’t just a musical genius, oh no..he was an artist as well! Some people are just that talented..

If all the music he wrote wasn’t enough- he produced over 300 artworks!

Just look at this masterpiece he painted of a view of Leipzig in 1838:


What beautiful use of colours and shades!

One wonders how he found the time to create all this art and music! I suppose not having tv and internet they had more time to devote to art…

Here is a nice website-Mendelssohn in Scotland, which shows some of his artworks  he did whilst in Britain- his watercolour of Durham Cathedral is beautiful!


And another website exploring his artworks, The Mendelssohn Project:

Mendelssohn’s artistic imagination was by no means limited to the world of music; from an early age he expressed his ideas in drawings, watercolors, and even…

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Bizet’s Symphony in C

I found another composer to learn about in greater detail–Georges Bizet.  So many people are familiar with his opera, Carmen. From a young age, I heard selections from it, but have never seen it performed. Somewhere along the line, I must have known it was his final work, but I had forgotten that until recently.

In his unfortunately very short career, Bizet, composed symphonies, dramas, and other works. Yesterday morning, I heard Symphony in C for  the first time. It’s gorgeous!