Songs without Words–Mendelssohn

I’ve heard only some of Mendelssohn’s Songs without Words on the radio. I really like them, so I searched on YouTube for a complete set, below. Here’s a little more background. After a day of listening to rock and gospel, they are very calming.

In a related article, here are six more love songs without words by different composers. I’ll look them up later.

In the meantime, enjoy Mendelssohn.



Ghana Evening Song

Our assistants taught me this song one evening as they were helping me get in bed. It was a school song, one they sung in the early grades after the end of each day. I felt compelled to set it down:

Now the day is over;

night is drawing near.

Shadows of the evening soar across the sky.




Reflections on Rain, Part 2

Well, yesterday was sunny, and now it’s pouring again. (Sigh.) Of course, it made me think of  “Rain, Rain, Go Away.”

I thought this video was cute.



I haven’t heard “Rainy Night in Georgia” in years. I recalled it today as I was staring out the window:



Now, onto another theme….

I’m Already There –Lonestar

My assistant was humming this song this morning. When her daughter was young, she used to sing it to her. I was glad for the reminder. Here is background on what inspired the songwriters. I always enjoyed hearing it on the radio.


Beethoven’s “Spring Sonata”

It’s well into spring, and past the really cold weather has finally passed, but it’s still cool, cloudy and rainy.I heard the  Violin Sonata No. 5  by Beethoven the other day on the radio. It’s more familiarly known as the “Spring Sonata.” Here’s a little background.

All I can say is that I really like it, and it strikes me as cheery.  Enjoy!

Musical Reflections on the Rain

Here it is, almost the middle of May, and it doesn’t feel very warm. It’s been oppressively cloudy and rainy for over a week. We all need the sunshine and the rain, but sometimes it feels a bit much. At least I have my raincoat and umbrella in my wheelchair bag, just in case.

There are so many songs about rain: “Rainy Day People.” “Laughter in the Rain.” “Rainy Days and Mondays.” “It’s Raining Men.””Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head,” and so many others.

Since I’m hoping for a day without rain, I kept thinking of a title track from an Enya CD. The piano tune is very pretty. Here it is:

And here’s a happy song from my favorite movie musical, Singin’ in the Rain.

I love to see Gene Kelly swinging from the lamppost. You cannot feel down when watching this film!  I’ve seen it in local DC movie theaters, on PBS, on TCM, and I’ve had my own copy for many years now. It never gets old. The stage musical a friend and I saw some years ago at Wolf Trap was great as well. Appropriately enough, there was a thunderstorm that night.

And I just like “Come Some Rainy Day,” by Wynonna Judd. above.

So many people have covered “Come Rain or Come Shine” that I can’t pick a favorite. Here, Eric Clapton and B.B. King perform it.

The Birmingham Sunlights are a family gospel singing group–all brothers. I’ve seen them over the years at different places. Here they are at Strathmore in 2009. “It’s Gonna Rain” is from their CD For Old Times’ Sake.