Happy 2019!

Today is New Year’s. So begins another year of doing the best I can, living life, looking ahead, and just being glad to be alive. Every day is a gift–even though, on the surface, it may not seem that exciting or special.










Lions are another of my themes for the year. In them, I see strength and fighting spirits.














I never miss the Tournament of Roses Parade. This year’s theme is music. Today, I watched it twice. Each year, the floats get more beautiful. When I think of all the work and effort that people put in, it’s just amazing! I also like the marching bands and the horses. Heck. I love everything about it! My favorites (if I had to pick one or two) were the carousel float and the float of elephants on vacation. The white peacock on another float was also very pretty.

I love all flowers. For a time, though, I couldn’t look at a flower without crying. My aunt was troubled by this. She didn’t want me to give up on flowers, growing things, and learning flowers’ names. For her, I didn’t. Now I have two ficos, a philodendron-like plant, and a window box of fall mums. I also take pictures of flowers when I see a arrangement somewhere. I took these impatiens this past summer.


The thing about flowers is that they are only around for a short time, so appreciate and really look at them while they are here.

For some reason, the other day I kept thinking of favorite songs. I learned “Wildflower” by Skylark when I was eight. The words and music made a big impression on me at the time, and they still do. Unfortunately, they don’t play it much on the radio anymore.

To me, the lady in the song has been through very hard times. Yet, she is still surviving; she won’t give up. Even so, it’s still okay to cry sometimes.