Ladies and Gentlemen, The Beatles!

I heard in passing on a TV news program that yesterday was the 52nd anniversary of the Beatles.  I caused much consternation and disbelief whrn I told my friends in college that I didn’t like the Beatles. They immediately set out to educate me. That’s how I saw the movie Yellow Submarine and a Beatles mockumentary by Monty Python. Other people shared about which of their songs moved them. Another friend admitted that “The Long and Winding Road” makes him want to cry. The melody of it caught my ear, and the words move me. Whenever I hear it, I think of love, loss, and reconciliation. For a while, I had a cassette tape of the band’s final album, Let It Be.

Also, I have seen clips of the Beatles’ appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show and their other concerts so often that I feel like I was there, but I was too young to really remember. Radio shows also offered tribute to the Beatles, and I guess I must have absorbed some music, after all, but I never really paid attention. I have yet to see a Beatles tribute band. I suppose I am more of the Paul McCartney & Wings generation. After college, anytime I ran across a Beatles movie or a documentary, I attempted to watch them. So now I feel like I’m catching up on all that I have missed. And yes, I did read about them. I enjoyed the 2006 biography, The Beatles, by Bob Spitz.

Another friend of mine grew up listening to classical music, and still enjoys it. She always liked “Eleanor Rigby” because of the orchestral-sounding violins. Other songs contain elements of classical music.

Paul McCartney’s only classical music effort was 1991’s Liverpool Oratorio. This has thirteen parts–all available on YouTube.

One evening as I researched material for another blog entry, I wanted to hear a Beatles tune–any tune. That’s how I found this Rolling Stone story about the 100 Greatest Beatles songs.

I like the songs from their early albums best. Interestingly, I want to hear one from a later album. Go figure. So here, in no particular order, are some favorite Beatles songs. Enjoy!

The Long and Winding Road:

Here, There, and Everywhere:

Nowhere Man:

Let It Be:


Hey, Jude:


Paperback Writer:

Life Goes On:

Hello, Goodbye:

If I’m ever lucky enough to make it to the UK, one of the many things I want to do in London is roll in my power wheelchair down Abbey Road, just as the Beatles do in the photo on the album cover.

Here Comes the Sun:

Octopus’s Garden:

Yellow Submarine:

Now for their solo work:

Ringo Starr

It Don’t Come Easy:

Liverpool 8 (Full Album):

Paul McCartney

Band On the Run (Full Wings Album, 1973):

Ebony and Ivory (with Stevie Wonder, “In Performance at the White House,” 2010. The song was originally recorded in 1982.): 


McCartney — Dance Tonight (Love the mandolin in this!):

George Harrison

My Sweet Lord:

All Those Years Ago:

John Lennon

John Lennon Greatest Hits (Full AlBum):

So This Is Christmas:


This next song is by Christine Lavin. She wrote “The Dakota” as a tribute to John Lennon.

Now I fully realize how much the Beatles changed and influenced music as a whole–as a group and in their solo careers. They tried many instruments new to rock–such as the sitar. With each album, they tried to do different things, Some I like better than others, Now I can finally say I like the Beatles–and what a great ride it must have been.