“The Alley Cat” by Bent Fabric

I used to have a 45 rpm record of this instrumental, “The Alley Cat” by Bent Fabric. I hadn’t thought of it for a long time, but the fun graphic below helped me to recall it. Enjoy!

In a web search, I also found Augie’s Records, which looked intriguing.



Image result for Free clipart Himalayan cats

Paul Mauriat and His Orchestra

I first heard the “Love Is Blue” instrumental on the radio when I was a kid. I couldn’t wait for it to come on because I thought it was so pretty…and I still do. I think it was recorded originally in 1968. I still have the 45 I bought. Although the tune is familiar, I knew nothing about Paul Mauriat and His Orchestra. So I looked them up.

Here is the orchestra performing it (really cool!) along with some other songs:

And here is “Love Is Blue” accompanied by gorgeous photos:

Here is another tune, “Butterfly,” which I do not know, but it is very pretty also. I love the visuals in this YouTube video. Enjoy the music, too!