Songs for a Monday that Didn’t Go Well….

I had a fall today, and everything hurts. That’s all I’ll say regarding the incident. I tried to make myself laugh so it wouldn’t hurt as much, but it didn’t work. I thought of the “Only When I Laugh” routine. Today also reminded me of “The Bricklayer’s Lament.” The Corries performed a version years ago. But I also like this one that includes the lyrics.

Here’s Gerard Hoffnung‘s spoken-word version:

Years ago, a former co-worker always sang “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen” when she was joking about a frustrating day. I sing this (badly) sometimes as well. Here’s Louis Armstrong’s version:

Armstrong deserves his own separate entry one of these days.

Finally, here’s “We Are Bangor” a song for everyone who’s experienced someone getting their own name, city, or town wrong. Great job, guys! This made me smile. Seen originally on NBC Nightly News. I’m also sending a shout-out to everyone in Bangor, Maine. I’d love to visit sometime!