“Waterfalls”–A New Interpretation

The other night, I saw Bette Midler on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. She has a new CD out which honors the girl groups from decades gone by, all the way up to the 1990s. She performed a beautiful song that I didn’t know, called “Waterfalls,” originally performed by the rap and R&B group TLC. I was very haunted by the lyrics, so I decided to look up the original version, the first one listed below.

Here is Bette Midler’s version from the new CD:

Bette Midler has performed many great songs from different eras. I have her Peggy Lee CD. I also enjoyed “The Rose” and some of her modern jazz songs like “TKO.” But Midler’s version of Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Julie Gold‘s “From A Distance” is my favorite, although I like Nanci Griffith’s version a lot as well. The video below also includes the lyrics. The original poster, however, has made an error. The correct line is: “From a distance, we are instruments, marching in a common band.”

When this song was first popular, it was always on the radio. One day, when I was on lunch break from work, it was playing on a deli’s radio. I remember one of the workers singing, it, and he commented that it was his favorite song.

And finally, here’s Bette Midler’s cover of “In My Life,” by the Beatles: