Haydn Trumpet Concerto, London Symphony, and Symphony #5

I only know the barest facts about Franz Joseph Haydn: the Esterhazy family, that his students–of which Beethoven was one–called him “Papa,” and so on. I recently learned that Beethoven and Haydn didn’t get along. (But did Beethoven get along with anybody? I sure hope so. I imagine Haydn as having a sense of humor. Perhaps he will be the next musical biography on my list.

As usual, I have Classical WETA 90.9 to thank for playing Haydn fairly often. I have the “Surprise” Symphony and enjoy it. Here are my other favorites so far. First up is his trumpet concerto, performed by Wynton Marsalis:

Next up is the London Symphony. Awesome!

Last is Haydn’s Symphony #5:


As I’m finishing this post, I’m listening to Haydn Concertos: Il Pomo Doro by Riccardo Minasi. Very beautiful so far!

A Time to Dance

Again, I heard two of these songs this morning on the radio. It’s a late Renaissance/early Baroque dance. I just thought it was pretty.

This next one is “La Giaconda: Dance of the Hours.” It’s great to hear the real one instead of the parody song about the kid away at camp. Enjoy!

I also like Rachmaninoff in general. A favorite is the Symphonic Dances, Op. 45, especially when the orchestra reaches the movements that sound like songs. It’s a composition of many moods. I have heard it several times now, and I recognize it right away.

I like this video in particular because it feels like I’m at an actual performance.

Also, on today’s playlist, they included The Luxembourg Waltz, which I had only heard a part of before turning my radio off. It, too, is lovely, and I also enjoy the scenes from Luxembourg.

Bizet’s Symphony in C

I found another composer to learn about in greater detail–Georges Bizet.  So many people are familiar with his opera, Carmen. From a young age, I heard selections from it, but have never seen it performed. Somewhere along the line, I must have known it was his final work, but I had forgotten that until recently.

In his unfortunately very short career, Bizet, composed symphonies, dramas, and other works. Yesterday morning, I heard Symphony in C for  the first time. It’s gorgeous!


Schumann’s Spring Symphony — No. 1 in B Flat Major

First Day of Spring 2015


It’s the first day of spring, but it’s cold, rainy, and gray here in the Washington, DC, area. The above graphic, today’s Google Doodle, really brightened  my spirit. Hats off to their art department. Great job, guys!

The first day of spring always makes me think of Schumann’s “Spring” Symphony. I don’t have it in my collection yet, but I first heard it in a college music appreciation class and never forgot it. In this video, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the musicians as they played. I could feel their enthusiasm, and how the mood of the music changed during the quieter parts. Enjoy!