Vivaldi: Storm at Sea — A Great Theme for a Hectic Monday

I had never heard Vivaldi’s concerto “Storm at Sea” before. Once I did hear it on the radio, I was hooked. I thought it very intense and full of energy.  As I’ve gone through today, it sounds to me like the musical version of a stressful 24 hours–a stormy Monday in particular. And of course , even without the paintings, I’m reminded of the sea.


A Classical Music Quiz–Which Composer Are You?

I’m listening to an hour-long program of Vivaldi’s music on the radio, through my computer. So far, it’s wonderful, and I’ll be writing a separate post about it soon.

When I went to the site to find the “Listen Live” feed, I ran across this quiz, entitled, “Which Composer Are You?”

I rarely take things like this as gospel, but I decided to have fun with it. To my shock, I am very like Brahms, although I was hoping to be more like Beethoven, Mozart, or Dvorak. Since I know very little of Brahms’ work, I guess I have figured out who I should listen to next.

Anyway, try the quiz for yourself, and enjoy!

A Musical Sign of Spring

This morning around eight I woke up to Vivaldi’s Concerto for the flute in D that I never heard before. It was called “The Goldfinch.” (Catalogued as RV 428) Here’s a recording from YouTube. I’ve never seen a real goldfinch before, and I hope I get to do so. The picture is very pretty!

The flutist was Jean-Pierre Rampal. I hope I can find that full recording one day. It was very cheery, and I felt like it was a good sign for today. I ended up not accomplishing as much as I wished, but it was still good. I’ve only ordered from Arkiv Music once several years ago (Vivaldi concerti again), but have not been able to do so since. That is Classical WETA’s music service partner.

The music also helped me remember the two thrushes who would always try to build a nest within the awning outside our old dining room window every spring. And years before that, the cardinals and robins that would build nests in our holly trees.

Music and Art: A Great Pairing

As I listened to tonight’s “Front Row Washington” on Classical WETA 90.9, I was happy to hear The Vivaldi Project concert  in connection with the National Gallery of Art exhibit “Venice: Canaletto and His Rivals,” which runs through May 30, 2011.  I did not know about the February 20th concert in time to go see it, so I am glad I didn’t miss this. I hope to see the exhibit soon. I also got on the National Gallery of Art’s concert list. I hope I can see at least one, with the rest on podcast.

I am happy to learn that The Vivaldi Project is based in Northern Virginia, so they are not too far away. I will ask the director when the next concert is.

And because I can’t get enough of Vivaldi, here is Cleveland’s Apollo’s Fire performing Vivaldi’s “La Folia, the Trio Sonata in D Minor, RV 63″ from a January 15, 2009 performance. I found them through a Web search.”La Folia” was the last selection on tonight’s program, but I forgot who the musicians were here.