“Sleepers Wake”

Over the past months, I have been listening to a lot of Bach now and again because I have been enjoying the journey of reading John Eliot Gardiner’s totally awesome biography, Music in the Castle of Heaven. This is the very familiar Sleepers Wake, one of my favorites. naturally, I heard this one morning as I was waking up, still yawning and stretching, but ready to face the day.



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Rule, Britannia!

I am tired of “Rule, Britannia” only representing a crossword puzzle clue for me, so I decided to look it up and find out more about the song, the melody, the history, etc.

Here is a link to the James Thomson poem and the Thomas Arne 1740 musical composition.

This is the version associated with the Royal Navy:

NPR’s Classical Top 50

I found this link in an e-mail I received today. Rather than just add it to my list of cool links, I am presenting it here. Enjoy “NPR’s Top 50” and take your time listening to the selection and commentary.

Don’t assume that you’ve heard them all before. I was surprised by a few of the selections.